Course List


First Year

General Physics    Required Course  (4-4)

Calculus             Required Course (4-4)

General Chemistry            Required Course  (3-3)

General Physics Laboratory   Required Course  (1-1)

GeneralChemistryLaboratory   Required Course  (1-1) 

Elementsary Experfimental Methods(A)(B)   Elective (2-2)


Second Year

Mechanics   Required Course  (3-3)

Electricity And Magnetism   Required Course  (3-3)

Applied Mathematics(I)  Required Course  (3-3)

Thermal Physics (I)     Required Course  (3-0)

Special Relativity     Required Course  (0-3)

Physics Laboratory(I)     Required Course  (1-1)

Astronomy   Elective (3-0)

Electronic Measurements  Elective (0-3)


Third Year

Quantum Physics  Required Course  (3-3)

Optics (I)  Required Course  (3-0)

ElectronicsLaboratory(I,II)  Required Course  (1-0)

Electronics(I,II)  Required Elective Course  (3-3)

Thermal Physics (II)    Elective (0-3)

Statistical Physics   Elective (0-3)

Introduction To Theoretical Physics (I,II)     Elective (3-3)

Mathematics For Physics (II,III)    Elective (3-3)

Computional Physics (I,II)   Elective (3-3)

Materials Physics  Elective (0-3)

Topics On History Of Physics  Elective (0-3)

Optics (II)  Elective (0-3)


Fourth Year

Seminar (I,II)   Required Course  (2-2)

Physics Laboratory(II)  Required Course  (2-2)

      (1) Modern Physics Experiment

      (2) Optics Experiment

Applied Optics   Elective (3-3)

Quantum Mechanics (I,II)   Elective (3-3)

Nuclear Physics   Elective (3-0)

Particle   Elective (0-3)

Laser Physics   Elective (2-0)

Electronics(III)   Elective (3-0)

Researh Programs  Elective (2-2)  

Solid State Physics (I,II)  Elective (3-3)  

Topics In Biomedical Physics And Engineering   Elective (2-0)

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