Full-Time Associate Professor & Chairman of the Department


Chun-Hsien Wu


Ph.D. of Tufts University

Research:   Quantum field theory in curved spacetime





Teaching Courses

General Physics, Electricity And Magnetism, Introduction To Theoretical Physics

Extension  6773



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Paper and Research

Journal Papers

  1. Jen-Tsung Hsiang , Tai-Hung Wu, Da-Shin Lee , Sun-Kun King, Chun-Hsien Wu (2013, Feb). Quantum noise in the mirror–field system: A field theoretic approach. ANNALS OF PHYSICS, Volume 329, February 2013, Pages 28–50. (SCI). NSC 99-2112-M-031-002-MY3.
  2. Chun-Hsien Wu, Jen-Tsung Hsiang, L. H. Ford, and Kin-Wang Ng (2011, Nov). Gravity waves from quantum stress tensor fluctuations in inflation. PHYSICAL REVIEW D, 84, 103515. (SCI). NSC 99-2112-M-031-002-MY3.
  3. Wolung Lee, Kin-Wang Ng, I-Chin Wang, and Chun-Hsien Wu (2011, Sep). Trapping effects on inflation. PHYSICAL REVIEW D, 84, 063527. (SCI). NSC 99-2112-M-031-002-MY3.
  4. Jen-Tsung Hsiang, Chun-Hsien Wu∗, L.H. Ford (2011, May). Negative power spectra in quantum field theory. Physics Letters A, A 375, P.2296-P.2299. (SCI). NSC 99-2112-M-031-002-MY3.
  5. L. H. Ford, S. P. Miao, Kin-Wang Ng, R. P. Woodard, Chun-Hsien Wu (2010, Aug). Quantum stress tensor fluctuations of a conformal field and inflationary cosmology. Physical Review D, D 82, 043501. (SCI).
  6. Masafumi Seriu, Chun- Hsien Wu (2009, Nov). Smearing effect due to the spread of a probe particle on the Brownian motion near a perfectly reflecting boundary. Physical Review A. (SCI).
  7. Masafumi Seriu, Chun-Hsien Wu (2008, Feb). Switching effect upon the quantum Brownian motion near a reflecting boundary. Physical Review A, 022107-1~022107-11. (SCI).
  8. Chun-Hsien Wu, Kin-Wang Ng, L. H. Ford (2007, May). Possible Constraints on the Duration of Inflationary Expansion from Quantum Stress Tensor Fluctuations. Physical Review D, D75, 103502-1~103502-10. (SCI). NSC 95-2112-M-001-052-MY3.
  9. Chun-Hsien Wu, Kin-Wang Ng, Wolung Lee, Da-Shin Lee, Yeo-Yie Charng (2007, Feb). Quantum noise and a low cosmic microwave background quadrupole. Journal of cosmology and astroparticle physics, JCAP02(2007)006. (SCI). NSC 95-2112-M-001-052-MY3.
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  12. Chun-Hsien Wu and Da-Shin Lee (2003, Sep). Fluctuations of Quantum Radiation Pressure in Dissipative Fluid. Physics letters A, A318, 303~312. (SCI).
  13. L.H. Ford and Chun-Hsien Wu (2003, Jan). Stress tensor fluctuations and passive quantum gravity. International Journal of Theoretical Physics, Vol. 42, No. 1, 15~26. (SCI).
  14. C.-H. Wu, C.-I Kuo and L.H. Ford (2002, May). Fluctuations of the Retarded Van der Waals Force. Physical Review A, V65, 062102-1~062102-8. (SCI).
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  16. C.-H. Wu and L.H. Ford (1999, Oct). Fluctuations of the Hawking flux. Physical Review D, V60, 104013-1~104013-14. (SCI).

Seminar Papers

  1. Jen-Tsung Hsiang, Chun-Hsien Wu, L. H. Ford, Kin-Wang Ng (2011, Dec). Quantum stress tensor fluctuation effects in inflationary cosmology. Journal of Physics: Conference Series , Taiwan. NSC 99-2112-M-031-002-MY3.
  2. L.H. Ford and Chun-Hsien Wu (2008, Mar). Quantum Stress Tensor Fluctuations and their Physical Effects. AIP Conf. Proc..
  3. Chun-Hsien Wu (2004, Oct). Passive geometry fluctuations in Minkowski vacuum. Journal of the Korean Physical Society. 

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